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Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers II 

by Doug Ladd and Frank Oberle (Photographer)

Updated Tenth Anniversary Edition! 
 Pub. Date:  09/2005  
 Edition:  Second edition  
 Binding:  Paperback  
 Page Count:  272  
 Trim Size:  6 x 9  
 ISBN:  0762737441  
 Publisher:  Falcon 

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Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers is the ultimate field guide to wildflowers, grasses, and weeds of the Midwestern tallgrass prairie. Packed with vivid color photos and informative text, this completely revised and updated tenth-anniversary
edition is an invaluable reference for all prairie enthusiasts seeking to quickly identify hundreds of tallgrass prairie plants.

This easy-to-use guide features:

·      A tough, water-resistant cover and extra-durable binding, made to withstand the rigors of field use

·         Detailed descriptions and photos of more than 300 plants, organized by color and family

·         New sections on invasive weeds and tallgrass prairie restoration efforts

·         An introduction to the habitats and ecology of the tallgrass prairie

·         A glossary of botanical terms

·         A primer on plant characteristics and identification

Return of the Eagle: How America Saved Its National Symbol

By: Greg Breining and Frank Oberle (Photographer)


Pub. Date:  02/2008
dition: First Edition - Second Printing
Binding: Paperback
Page Count: 128 pages
Trim Size: 9.9 x 9.8 x 0.4 inches
ISBN-10: 0762747900
ISBN-13: 978-0762747900
Publisher: Lyons Press

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This is the story of how a nation reversed a “silent spring” and saved the bald eagle from extinction. This bird of prey was declared the national symbol in 1782 but, by the 1960s, pollution and development had wiped out all but a few dozen. Grassroots movements started, the American consciousness was raised to all environmental threats, and federal laws were passed to keep the eagle population alive. This stunning book of full-color photographs and touching stories chronicles this inspiring success story with awe-inspiring shots of eagles in flight. There is also a one-of-a-kind directory to more than 150 areas in the nation where eagles are likely to be seen in the wild, soaring once again against the blue skies of freedom. This book is a monument to the efforts that combined animal instinct for survival with the power of the human spirit to change the world.